On January 17th, Arco Jannuzzi ran a webinar, in Italian, entitled “Ritornare in classe: quali strumenti portare dall’esperienza online?” (“Back to class: what can we bring from the online experience in the f2f classes?”). The webinar was the second of the “EAQUALS Webinars series 2023”, promoted by EAQUALS with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience on some of the main topics and challenges in language teaching.



The webinar’s topic, as the title suggests, was to explore the post-pandemic return to f2f classes. In fact, the post-pandemic return to f2f classes opened a question concerning what to bring back to physical classes from this 2 years radically different experience and in particular, which ones among the many online tools we learnt to use during the online courses could be integrated into the “normal” classes and still be used efficiently in this environment, being beneficial for both the students and the teachers in terms of scaffolding, motivation or simply class-organization.

The event took place on a Tuesday at 10:00 am GMT and it was recorded by EAQUALS and made available for others to watch asynchronously. Arco Jannuzzi was introduced by Angela Signorastri, EAQUALS’ Director of Accreditation. Due to the nature of a webinar, the time for exchanging ideas and asking questions was very limited, and the questions were asked only via chat. Besides that, the feedback collected by EAQUALS members and some participants was positive and it seems the webinar achieved its aim of sharing experiences and giving ideas for new opportunities to implement different online tools in f2f classes in a beneficial way.

I would like to thank EAQUALS for the great opportunity as well as my department, ScOLa, and in particular the Modern Language Programme for the wonderful support throughout the preparation for the webinar. I look forward to participating in more activities together.