To ScOLa members:

You can find the conference calls and posters below. Please follow the Conference Application Procedures (available on Zdrive/TLDU) if you plan to attend any conference. Also, please do share the relevant information (poster, website, etc.) of any other relevant event (conference, workshop, course, etc.) with us, should you come across any, to be shared here.

Eaquals Online 2023 (6th-7th October, 2023)

Eaquals Online is an opportunity to engage with and exchange expertise and best practice in the field of language teaching and learning at a global level.  The call for speakers is limited to current Eaquals members, including accredited, associate and individual members.

The event will be based around the theme of Innovation in Language Teaching and focus on the following three strands:

  • Strand 1: Best Practice in Teaching & Learning
  • Strand 2: The current & future role of AI in education
  • Strand 3: Sustainability & Climate Impact
Presentations will be delivered in 45-minute slots. The presentation should take approximately 35 minutes allowing 10 minutes for questions & answers and they are welcomed in all languages.
Te deadline for submitting the proposals is 30th June 2023.

First International Conference on English Language and Literature (DIDE), to be held virtually on 7-9 July at Doğuş University.

DIDE-2023 is an international academic conference that covers all areas of literature. The mission of DIDE-2023 is to create a platform for researchers, academics as well as other professionals from all over the world to present their work. This conference also provides opportunities for attendees to share new ideas, expertise, and experiences, establish business or research relationships, and find partners for future collaboration.

The language of DIDE-2023 is English.

All of the papers accepted and presented at the conference will be published in the abstract booklet, optionally in the full textbook with ISBN after passing the refereeing process.

For more information, check this website:

(posted on 23.04.2023)

First International Conference on Best Practices in Second Language Education. The conference scientific board is made of leaders and key figures in L2 education from around the world and the confirmed plenary speakers are themselves pioneers in the field.

Contributions are invited for 20-minute oral presentations (as well as poster presentations) or 45-minute workshops on a wide range of topics related to the theory and practice of second language education, SLA, TESOL, and applied linguistics.

We are in particular interested in learning more about documented and research-based practices in second language education/acquisition in one or more of the following areas:

  • Innovative L2 Teaching Methods
  • New Approaches to Teaching Language Skills/Sub-skills
  • Digital Tools/Techniques in Language Education
  • SLA
  • L2 Assessment
  • L2 Teacher Education and Professional Practice
  • Teaching Literature/Translation/ICC
  • Practitioner-based Research Methods
  • Any Topic of Interest to L2 Learners/Learning, Teachers/Teaching, and Assessors/Assessing

For more information, check this website:

(posted on 23.04.2023)

The School of Foreign Languages at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University has announced its third conference, SCOFOLA’23 (School of Foreign Languages Conference), with the theme of “Challenges and Innovative Solutions in Foreign Language Teaching.” This international conference will take place in person on September 7-8, 2023 in Zonguldak, Türkiye.

The field of language teaching is constantly evolving with new challenges and innovations emerging on a regular basis. It can be a challenging field, as it involves helping students from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of aptitude and motivation to learn a new language. However, it can also be extremely rewarding as it allows teachers to play a role in helping students expand their communication skills and cultural understanding.

This call for research papers invites scholars, educators, and practitioners to share their research, insights, and experiences related to the challenges in language teaching and discuss some innovative solutions that have been developed to address these challenges.

For more information, check this website:

(posted on 13.04.2023)

The International ELT Conference on “Current Developments in Second Language Learning”, to be held online between 06 – 07 May 2023 at Maltepe University’s School of Foreign Languages.

For more information, check this website:

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