British Council Higher Education Talks: ’English language teaching in higher education under Covid-19 circumstances: How did language programmes prepare for the fall semester and beyond?’

In this webinar, the current context of English language provision in universities in the UK and Turkey will be discussed in the light of the below questions: 

  • How have English language programmes in Turkey and the UK responded to the challenges of moving their English language provision to online?
  • What are current institutional reflections on quality assurance systems that can support high quality online teaching of English?
  • What teacher support systems are needed to facilitate large scale remote teaching?
  • What are the learning points that can take institutions from emergency remote teaching to high quality remote teaching of English in pre and in-sessional course?
  • How did students respond to learning English online?

Date & Time: Tuesday 27 October 2020 – 14:00

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EAQUALS Online Event 2020

Eaquals Online is a two-day online event which showcases and shares the knowledge and expertise of the Eaquals membership.

Eaquals Online looks at areas of Crisis ManagementPastoral Care in times of crisisTeaching & Learning Online and finishes with “Looking Forward” into the future of international education. These are addressed through plenary sessions, presentations, case studies and panel discussions with something for all – academic managers, directors of studies, teacher trainers, language teachers, school directors.

The event takes place on the 23rd & 24th of October and is free and open to all, both members and non-members.

23rd October:

24th October:

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British Council Webinar: Evidence-based reflection and teacher development

About the webinar

This webinar uses findings from an ELTRA funded research project focusing on the use of technology-enhanced learning. In the webinar, a number of tools and procedures are presented with the aim of helping English language teachers to reflect on and improve their practice. In particular, I will use an app (SETTVEO) to demonstrate how professional development is enhanced when reflections are evidence-based by giving teachers something to reflect on and something to reflect with. Using findings from the ELTRA project, I suggest that the use of self-observation, with data and accompanied by some kind of dialogue, can promote up-close and detailed understandings of teaching and learning.

Date: 21 Oct 2020 – 14:00

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Week 3: 19-23 October

Dear all,

please find this week’s news and updates below:

1.Common Time Professional Development Sessions



2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

This week Mohammad Khari will deliver a session entitled “How to be an effective online learner” as a part of our Common Time Student Development Sessions. The students who attend the session will also receive a SEC 101 credit. Could you please inform your students about the session details and share the below zoom link so that the interested students can attend?

Session Title: How to be an effective online learner

Language: English

Date & Time: October 20 at 14.45

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 992 1682 4163

Passcode: 795092

3. ScOLa Projects

Last week, we completed the second step of the project registration and our students made their choices about the sections they wanted to attend. The ones who did not choose a section have been placed into available sections and have been informed about it.

You can see the number of students who will be attending the project classes in each level:

A2: 130 students

B1: 251 students

B2: 138 students

We are glad to get the interest of a great number of students.

This week project classes are starting as of Monday.

The project instructors will be contacting their students about their first sessions this week.

Week 2: 12-16 October

Dear all,

Please find this week’s news and updates below:

1.Common Time Professional Development Sessions

This week two of our session series start. Below you can find the detailed info about their first sessions.

1.Artful Teaching Series 1



Session intro video:

2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

This semester, we will have our student development sessions every Tuesday afternoon. This week, Şafak Çelik will be delivering a session on technology we use during the online education period for the students who need extra support in using the tools.  It is going to be a Q&A session; therefore, could you please direct your students who have questions regarding this issue?

Below you can find the relevant info and the poster that could be shared with the students:

Technology Session by Şafak Çelik


Session Title: Technology Orientation – Q&A (Turkish & English

Date & Time: October 13 at 15.45

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 970 5095 0931

Passcode: 306152

3. Projects

The students were informed about the projects in all levels last week through in-class presentations.

Our students can benefit from further reminders about the deadlines below:

Step 1: Registration – This ends today (Monday) at 16:30.

Step 2: Choosing a section – from Wednesday afternoon (14.10.2020) till 16:30 on Thursday (15.10.2020)

Important Note: They CANNOT choose a section in step 2 if they do not complete step 1 (register for the project by the end of today)


Wish you all a nice and smooth new week!

Cambridge English Webinar: Learning to collaborate – opening up the exam/general English divide

The benefits of students working collaboratively are well documented, but how often do we, as educators, apply these methods in exam classes? Besides using examples from the Open World series, this workshop will open up exam teaching through mobile and student generated materials for use inside and outside the classroom, putting learners at the heart of the collaborative experience.

Date & Time:

Wednesday 7 October 2020
15:00 (UK time)


Week 1:5-9 October

Dear all,

Welcome back 🙂

We hope you all had a nice holiday, effective prep days and are ready for the upcoming academic year. We’d like to share this academic year’s first highlights:

1. Nergis Uyan’s Welcome Meeting with the Students

Nergis Uyan, ScOLa Director, will be meeting with the students this week to welcome them.  Below you can find the schedule.

Level Date Time
A2 09.10-Friday 14.00
B1 07.10-Wednesday 11.00


B2 08.10-Thursday 14.00


2. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

This semester, we will continue having developmental sessions during our common time.  In addition to the individual sessions, we will have 3 different series of sessions.  Detailed abstracts will be shared in the weeks that the sessions will be delivered. Below you can find the calendar and the abstract documents.

Sessions Calendar


3.ScOLa Study Center

This year we will continue providing extra support to our Prep students in the areas that they need additional individual support.  We will also have Speaking Practice Slots when the students can have a chance to chat with our native speaker instructors. You can direct your students who seek that type of support to the available slots in the Study Center.

Based on the positive feedback we received during Spring and Summer semesters, we will use the same online appointment platform to ease both our students’ and our Study Center instructors’ job. Below you can see the schedule of the available slots and the appointment links of our instructors. Could you please share this poster with your students so that they can have the necessary links to make appointments?

Study Center Fall Semester Poster

4. ScOLa Clubs

This semester we will be running two clubs, one focusing on writing named “Creative Writing Club” by Sinem Altuğ and one focusing on speaking named “English through unique Turkish Artists” by Feraye Turan Pir. The clubs start as of week 2 and they will be held every Tuesday.  The posters with the necessary info (date-time-zoom link) will be shared next Monday.

5. Project Classes

This year, ScOLa will be able to provide project classes in all three levels. Zeliha Aydın and Selda Macunlar will be running A2 Project; Ezgi Öner, Selma Tamdoğan Çalışkan and İlknur Sarıoğlu will be running B1 Project; and Tuğba Yıldırım and Mohammad Khari will be running B2 Project.

Instructors are going to give presentations on A2, B1 & B2 Project classes to their students this week. Students will register for the Project classes this week and next week through LMS, and the lessons will start in week 3 of the Fall Semester.

6. Birthdays


We wish all of us a smooth new semester,



ELT Together: 4 Weeks of Professional Development Webinars by OUP

ELT Together:
September 21st – October 16th 2020

Wherever you teach, we’re with you. Let’s get together with our ELT experts for tips and advice on managing the challenges we are facing today. Learn about topics like:

  • Wellbeing
  • Assessment
  • Online and blended learning
  • Mixed ability teaching
  • And more!

You choose the sessions you want to join – we know you’re busy so we’re running ELT Together over four weeks so you can join us when you have time. There’s something for everyone, with a balance of professional development and wellbeing tips!

  • Are you a school manager? Join one of our leadership sessions!
  • Are you teaching online or returning to the classroom? Get support for remote and blended learning!
  • Do you want to hear stories from other educators? Learn how they adapted to the challenges facing the teaching community today!

Join any session and receive a certificate of attendance and free professional development resources.

View the full programme and find out how to register.


Macmillan Education Webinar: Emma Reynolds – Befriending the anxious mind- a practical path to calm in the classroom


For teachers of Teenagers or Young Adults

Clearly we are all living through turbulent times. Old ways of doing things are being moved aside for the “new normal”- which is also constantly changing. Strong emotions can arise such as anger, frustration, sadness and anxiety. So how can we best equip ourselves for this new reality as teachers? And how can we help both ourselves and our students stay present, in this ever-changing landscape?

In this hour-long session we will explore how we can turn towards those challenging moments using practical tools that allow us to be more compassionate when difficult emotions arise. We’ll explore what stress is, how it affects us and what we can do to nurture a sense of calm in the classroom. Just pausing and asking ourselves what is good in this moment can be a starting point…

4 September 2020
10:00 AM Europe/London

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4 September 2020
03:00 PM Europe/London

About the Speaker

Emma Reynolds is an accredited Mindfulness teacher for adults (MBSR- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and for children through MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project UK). She gives talks and workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in the classroom at schools and also at teachers’ conferences including APAC and ELT, Barcelona. She has written two articles for MacMillan on Mindfulness in schools and is happy to be back again offering webinars aimed at teachers of teenage students. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Spain for over 20 years.

Macmillan Education Webinar: Mark Arthur – Five Keys to Developing Learner Independence


For teachers of Teenagers and Young Adults.

Whichever back-to-school scenario language learners are facing, they will almost certainly have fewer opportunities to engage in meaningful language use during class time, making it more important than ever for them to be effective independent learners. Yet simply setting independent learning activities is not enough and it is the teaching strategies that we use in-class to set up independent learning tasks that are key to facilitating learner independence.

How can we set up asynchronous, or out-of class, learning activities so that they truly foster learner independence? Join us to find out.

31 August 2020
03:00 PM Europe/London

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About the Speaker

Mark has been working in ELT since 2000 as a teacher, teacher trainer, DOS, materials writer and now academic consultant. He holds the CertTESOL and DipTESOL from Trinity, and a degree from the University of Birmingham. His areas of interest include teaching with minimal resources, and blended learning.