Induction Program

The ScOLa Induction Program is a school-based program that focuses on providing new instructors with appropriate staff development activities and supervision for one academic year. Induction activities document the expectations for job duties, the resources available to meet those duties, and the context in which the duties should be performed. The Induction Program starts with the orientation program conducted before the beginning of the instructional term. It is followed by weekly planning meetings, lesson planning meetings, lesson observations, post-observation meetings, peer observations, and individualized and whole-school development sessions. During the induction year, new instructors are mentored by TLDU members. 

Weekly Professional Development Sessions, Reading Clubs, and Session Series

 At ScOLa, professional development sessions are held on a weekly basis, providing instructors, line managers, coordinators, and TLDU members with the chance to share their ideas, experiences, and practices with their colleagues. All members of the school community are welcome to attend these sessions, allowing them to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the school. Attending and giving such sessions is completely voluntary, but highly encouraged. As a part of our mission, TLDU is responsible for coordinating these activities and providing support to teachers when they need help with designing their sessions. Appreciating the importance of these sessions, we provide teachers with the resources they need to ensure their success. We are committed to fostering an environment where our instructors can continue to learn and grow in their profession.

Some poster samples that were used to promote our activities:


As a TLDU, one of our main goals is to provide opportunities for professional development to our academic staff. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by organizing events specifically designed for this purpose. We understand that continuous learning and development are critical for career growth and success, and we strive to create events that are informative, engaging, and practical. Our events are carefully curated to provide participants with up-to-date knowledge, trends, and best practices. In addition to offering in-house sessions, we invite industry experts and thought leaders to speak at our events, sharing their expertise and insights on various topics related to professional development. Attending our events provides participants with an opportunity to learn from peers and experienced professionals, network with colleagues, and gain valuable insights and tools that can be applied in their careers. Below is a list of previous events:

  • Joint event with British Council (2016-2017 Academic Year)
  • Our 1st ELT conference (2017-2018 Academic Year)
  • ScOLa symposium (2019-2020 Academic Year)
  • ScOLa Virtual Get-together (2021-2022 Academic Year)
  • ScOLa Get-together (2022-2023 Academic Year)



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