Dear all,

Welcome back ­čÖé

We hope you all had a great first week with your students.

Below you can find the latest news and updates from ScOLa:

1. Teacher Strand

i. Our new colleagues

This year nineteen new instructors joined our ScOLa family and completed the orientation programme that started on September 1.

Adam Rackham G├╝lay Birinci
Ali Reza Moghaddsi Maria Del Carmen Grande
Asl─▒han Demir Sibel Er
Burcu Nur Bayram Yunus Emre Ta┼čk─▒ran
Derya Y─▒lmaz
Dilara Keskin
Gayane Pozharina
Gurbet Kabaday─▒
K├╝bra U─čurlu
Maryam Izadkhah
Merve Çetinkaya
P─▒nar Ko├žer Ayd─▒n
Robert Michael Spoden
Sanam Masoudi
U─čur Harbelio─člu

During ScOLa Orientation Program, our new colleagues learned about the university and the system of  ScOLa through different activities such as participating in a campus scavenger hunt and joining sessions given by different parties in our school.

They will continue getting support throughout the year in their induction programme, but we know that you are all there whenever they need support or guidance.

Once again, we would like to WELCOME them and wish them all the best in their new journey.

ii. Common Time Professional Development Sessions 

This semester, we will continue having our developmental sessions with the help of our voluntary instructors who would like to share good practices. In the fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, all the development sessions will be held face-to-face in ScOLa room 220. As a result of varying availability of instructors teaching at various levels and programs, each session will be held twice on two consecutive Wednesdays, with one session held in the morning common time (09:45-10:35) and the other in the afternoon common time (15:45-16:35). Through our blog, we will notify you each week about the upcoming sessions for that week. Below is a calendar of instructor development sessions, followed by a table containing details about each session.

2. Student Strand 

i. ├ľzU English Language Support Center

This year, as it has been already announced, Study Center, Speaking Center and Writing Center have all been placed under the name of “├ľzU English Language Support Center”. Writing Center will continue providing support to ├ľzU students who are studying at their departments, as it used to be. To benefit from Study Center and Speaking Center online or face-to-face, all ├ľzU students will need to make an appointment using the digital version of ├ľzU English Language Support Center Poster, which you can find below.

2022-23 Fall – English Language Support Center Poster

Please make sure to go over the poster with your students along with the Student Guidelines for Study and Speaking Centers, which you can also find below.

2022-23 Fall – Study Center and Speaking Center – Student Guidelines

ii. Common Time Student Development Sessions

In this new academic year, we are going to continue offering development sessions for our students thanks to our voluntary colleagues. Here is the Fall Calendar for these sessions:

2022-23 St Development Sessions – Calendar

The live sessions will be held face-to-face this year, but students will also be recommended to watch the recordings of the previous year’s sessions depending on the needs during the semester.

Posters are created for each live session and published the week before the session on our LMS Exra-curricular Activities page, to which all prep students will have been registered by the end of this week, and a hard copy is put up on the outside of TLDU office wall (ScOLa 320). Please encourage your students to follow the LMS page closely and join these sessions based on their needs.

iii. ScOLa Clubs

In 2022-23 academic year, we will also keep running ScOLa clubs for our students. Please see the poster below for the list of clubs that we are offering this semester and further details:

To apply for these clubs, students need to contact the relevant club teacher through email. For these details about each club, students need to look at the relevant club poster, which can be found on the noticeboards in the corridors of ScOLa building or LMS Extra-curricular Activities page.

Please also encourage your students to join these clubs so that they can improve their English skills as well as developing themselves in different ways or getting a taste of what is waiting for them in their departments.


3. International General Education Conference

For further information: