Dear all,

You can find the news and updates related to this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

This week, ScOLa professional development sessions will begin with a presentation by Wioleta Wenclawek entitled “The Importance of Professional Development and Teacher Well-Being” on Wednesday morning common time. We invite you to attend the session by sending an email to Wioleta via:

2. Student Strand

i. ScOLa Clubs

The registration deadline for ScOLa Clubs was October 10. However, you can still remind your students about these club oppotunities and they can still email the relevant club teacher if they want to join a club.

All the student clubs are going to have their first sessions on Wednesday (October 12). Relevant club instructors will be informing students about the place for the club sessions.

ii. Student Development Sessions

We are going to start our student development sessions this week on Wednesday with Esra Çelik Soydan’s session on “How to Study Vocabulary”. Please see the poster below for details.

Please note that students do not need to do anything in advance to register. It is enough if they just show up for the session.


3. EAQUALS Webinar

For further information and registration, please follow the link.

4. “Pigasus or Superswine? Body as a Mirroring Tool” by Mohammad Khari

Our colleague, Mohammad Khari, has written an article discussing the effects of the brain-body connection on language learning In the latest issue of JALT’s Mind Brain Ed Think Tank+. In this issue, it is discussed how the brain and body work together and how those abilities can be applied in a classroom environment.

To access the materials, please follow the links below:

Link to Mohammad’s article:

Link to the whole issue: