Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

Last week, ScOLa Reading Club had its fifth meeting. The participants read a comprehensive chapter about self-justification and a complimentary article on teacher stress and misbehaviour towards students framed in cognitive dissonance theory. The discussion centred around the definition and scope of misbehaviour in the classroom and the importance of identifying root causes of such actions.

The next meeting, to be held in three weeks’ time on 20 April 2022, will focus on “human aggression” and faculty experiences with bullying in higher education.

2. Student Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Session

Last week, Ezgi Öner gave a workshop on “Creativity in Speaking” on Wednesday and 3 students attended the workshop. The session recording has been shared on ScOLa-Extra Curricular Activities LMS page for all prep students’ reference.

b. This Week’s Session

This week, Özlem Baykan is going to give a session “Fixed or Growth?” on Wednesday, March 30, between 14:45-15:35. You can see the session poster and details below.

Please encourage your students to attend this session.