Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

Starting from this semester, we will be archiving ScOLa professional development sessions recordings, PPTs, session materials and suggested reading lists in TLDU z-drive folder. We decided to have such an archive to make the invaluable input given by our colleagues available as a future reference and to provide access to those who cannot participate in interactive synchronous sessions yet want to catch up later at their own time and pace.

a. Last Week’s Session

Our colleague, Selma Tamdoğan Çalışkan, presented her experience in applying learner-centred approach in her classes. Sharing the evidence from neuro-cognitive studies, Selma suggested strategies she implemented in her project and shared sample materials with daily tips.

b. This Week’s Session

ScOLa Reading Club will have its first meeting this Wednesday, October 20, at 14:45. For each week, the participants will read one chapter from the seminal book The Social Animal (2015) by Elliot Aronson pertaining to different aspects of social psychology and a supplementary article which relates the theme of the topic to higher education, when possible. This week, we will discuss the first chapter of the book “What is Social Psychology?” along with the article “Social-Psychological Interventions in Education: They’re Not Magic” written by David S. Yeager and Gregory M. Walton from Stanford University.


2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

Student development sessions are being conducted on Wednesdays. Students can find the relevant information for each session on LMS under “ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities” page. If they miss these developmental sessions, you can refer them to the same LMS page to watch the recording of the sessions.

In addition, as instructors, you can find information on the sessions, which have been given, on Z Drive by following the directions below if you want to have a look:

Z:\z_old_SELI\AAA Level Folders\LS READ ONLY FOLDERS\TLDU\Extra-curricular Activities for Sts\2021-22 Academic Year\Fall Semester\Student Development Sessions

Here are some highlights from last week’s session and the information on this week’s session:

a. Last Week’s Student Development Session

Last Wednesday Mohammad Khari gave his session on “How to be an Effective Online Learner”. 15 students and Prof. Dr. Alessandro Camiz from the Faculty of Architecture and Design joined the session. Mohammad Khari gave some useful information on the skills required to be an effective learner in an online setting related to basic tech use, time management, motivation, study environment, etc. during his session.

b. This Week’s Student Development Session

This Wednesday, Esra Çelik Soydan is going to give a session on “How to Study Vocabulary”. The session will be given in Turkish at 14:45 and in English at 15:45. Students can find the relevant information on their “ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities” page on LMS.