Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions


2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

This Wednesday at 14:45, Mohammad Khari is going to give a session on “How to be an Effective Online Learner”. Both prep students and the students from the whole university will be able to join this session since it will be announced on MyOzU, too.

3. Study Center

Due to certain needs, there has been some changes to the face-to-face slots offered in Study Center, which has resulted in some changes to our poster. Please see the updated version of the Study Center poster below:

2021-22 Fall – Study Center Poster – updated

This new version has been uploaded on LMS ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities page, which all prep students are registered to. Please also announce this change in class and upload the new version of the poster on your class’ LMS page, as well.

4. A2 Speaking Club

A2 Speaking Club will start running as of this week. The names of the interested students have been collated and the necessary arrangements have been made. If there are still interested students in your classes,   please remind them to send an e-mail to: by the end of Tuesday.


5. Nero Awards 

During last month’s ScOLa Virtual Get-together event, some lucky names were given out Nero awards at a raffle which was done at the end of the day and the speakers in the event were offered the same thing as a symbolic “thank-you”. The people who could go to the campus this past week were able to get their awards.