Dear all,

please find this week’s news and updates below:

1.Common Time Professional Development Sessions



2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

This week Mohammad Khari will deliver a session entitled “How to be an effective online learner” as a part of our Common Time Student Development Sessions. The students who attend the session will also receive a SEC 101 credit. Could you please inform your students about the session details and share the below zoom link so that the interested students can attend?

Session Title: How to be an effective online learner

Language: English

Date & Time: October 20 at 14.45

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 992 1682 4163

Passcode: 795092

3. ScOLa Projects

Last week, we completed the second step of the project registration and our students made their choices about the sections they wanted to attend. The ones who did not choose a section have been placed into available sections and have been informed about it.

You can see the number of students who will be attending the project classes in each level:

A2: 130 students

B1: 251 students

B2: 138 students

We are glad to get the interest of a great number of students.

This week project classes are starting as of Monday.

The project instructors will be contacting their students about their first sessions this week.