Dear all,

Welcome back 🙂

We hope you all had a nice holiday, effective prep days and are ready for the upcoming academic year. We’d like to share this academic year’s first highlights:

1. Nergis Uyan’s Welcome Meeting with the Students

Nergis Uyan, ScOLa Director, will be meeting with the students this week to welcome them.  Below you can find the schedule.

Level Date Time
A2 09.10-Friday 14.00
B1 07.10-Wednesday 11.00


B2 08.10-Thursday 14.00


2. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

This semester, we will continue having developmental sessions during our common time.  In addition to the individual sessions, we will have 3 different series of sessions.  Detailed abstracts will be shared in the weeks that the sessions will be delivered. Below you can find the calendar and the abstract documents.

Sessions Calendar


3.ScOLa Study Center

This year we will continue providing extra support to our Prep students in the areas that they need additional individual support.  We will also have Speaking Practice Slots when the students can have a chance to chat with our native speaker instructors. You can direct your students who seek that type of support to the available slots in the Study Center.

Based on the positive feedback we received during Spring and Summer semesters, we will use the same online appointment platform to ease both our students’ and our Study Center instructors’ job. Below you can see the schedule of the available slots and the appointment links of our instructors. Could you please share this poster with your students so that they can have the necessary links to make appointments?

Study Center Fall Semester Poster

4. ScOLa Clubs

This semester we will be running two clubs, one focusing on writing named “Creative Writing Club” by Sinem Altuğ and one focusing on speaking named “English through unique Turkish Artists” by Feraye Turan Pir. The clubs start as of week 2 and they will be held every Tuesday.  The posters with the necessary info (date-time-zoom link) will be shared next Monday.

5. Project Classes

This year, ScOLa will be able to provide project classes in all three levels. Zeliha Aydın and Selda Macunlar will be running A2 Project; Ezgi Öner, Selma Tamdoğan Çalışkan and İlknur Sarıoğlu will be running B1 Project; and Tuğba Yıldırım and Mohammad Khari will be running B2 Project.

Instructors are going to give presentations on A2, B1 & B2 Project classes to their students this week. Students will register for the Project classes this week and next week through LMS, and the lessons will start in week 3 of the Fall Semester.

6. Birthdays


We wish all of us a smooth new semester,