About this Event

As Maya Schools, we are really enthusiastic about being the first to hold an Online ELT (Exclusive Inspirational Talks) Conference.

We could not wait for the 6th EIT and decided to hold the EIT 5.5 Stay Home Edition as internationally free to register.

We are very honoured to announce you that worldly wide known ELT trainers Dr. Joan Kang Shin, Chris Sheen and Scott Thornburry are the plenary speakers.

We are delighted that this time we will be guests online at your home on 9 May 2020 Saturday.

We are looking forward to meeting all English language teachers to the conference “Let All Digital Flowers Bloom.”

Our conference will be streamed via Microsoft Teams platform.

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You may attend the conference by clicking the links provided after you purchase your free ticket.


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E-certificates will be sent directly to your mail box in two weeks unless you forget to click on the link before the webinar ends.