As teachers we observe that poster presentation process contributes to our teaching and learning environment in various ways ranging from increasing student engagement and interest to fostering learner autonomy.  Considering its’ benefits, this week we would like to share our favourite online poster presentation tools through which we can encourage our students to prepare posters with different purposes by incorporating fun and cooperation.


Any poster students can do on paper can be done better as a glog.  These glogs can be shared on interactive whiteboards, on LCD projectors, or embedded in class websites or student blogs.


This website enables us to create visual content in different formats such as posters, flyers, study plans and infographics.  Students can design their own posters by using free templates and download them to share with their classmates.


It can be used to edit, annotate and teach with images and videos in real-time.  It also supports 360 degree video and VR/AR content.  Students can also create interactive posters.


This website provides easy-to-use poster templates which can be adapted by students with their own content to be shared with their classmates.  Besides posters, students can create infographics, flyers and presentations using this online tool.

What about yours? Please comment on this post to share your favourite online poster presentation tools with all of us 🙂