Dear all,

Please find the updates and news for this week below:

1. Common Time Development Sessions

You can access the list of the sessions for this module using the following link:



2. ScOLa Boards (Phase One)

Five of the ScOLa Boards ( ScOLa Building, the Second floor) are ready and the others will be on the walls as soon as they are ready.

As instructors it is important for us to encourage the students to make the best of the boards and highlighting the fact that most of the boards are going to be interactive and it is of great significance to be a part of this process as the whole school.

There are going to be more boards covering music, TV series/movies, food, travel, literature, sports, safety (a collaboration with HSE), technology, online/computer games, cultural awareness, QR codes leading to educational videos (by Deniz Kilavuz), and art projects and cultural exchange club’s products (by Tugba Yildirim). Feel free to add to this list and share your ideas with Mohammad Khari. You are more than welcome if you could volunteer for any of the boards or the new ones you have in mind.

The De-Stress Zone:  Both teachers and students can use this board to stay mindful and let go of all the stress and negative energy.

Tug of War: Students can practice brainstorming and be exposed to agreeing and opposing arguments. Just encourage them to express their ideas. The topic was chosen from Writing Booklet for the B2 level.

Bookflix: The students and teachers can find new releases and also some suggestions ( the suggested ones are covering a range of genres and are available at OZU library) and the students have a chance to put their own suggestions on the board as well.

Etymology: This board aims to give some information about the word roots and is a great source for word formations and prefixes and suffixes.

Quotes: This board is designed to serve as a context for some vocabulary items and to give a chance to ponder upon life and its various aspects.

We would like to thank Mohammad Khari for coordinating this activity; and Olcay Ergülü, Deniz Kılavuz and Tugba Yıldırım for their contribution.

3. CUP Online ELT Conference

Please find the information regarding US ELT Online Conference in February.

“Seven ELT experts will present on a wide range of topics for Academic English and Adult Education teachers over 4 days on February 11, 13, 18, 20. Highlights include…

  • Grammar Day with Randi Reppen – editing & revising; from talking to writing
  • Kahoot!: Balancing rigor and engagement through gamification
  • How can concept mapping help improve academic writing?

… and more


All webinars are free. Check out the full program and get to know our presenters.

To register, click on the registration button in the program to sign up for as many webinars as you want to attend. We have two session on each day, starting at 1:00 p.m. & 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5). All sessions will be recorded for teachers to watch or share with their colleagues. A certificate of attendance will be emailed to everyone who attends the live session.”


Wish you all a smooth new semester.