1. Common time sessions

Date & Time & Venue Presenter Title Brief info about the session

14:45-16:30 ScOLa 220

Elmas Onbaşı Gül Metacognition in Practicum: A Self-Reflective Writing Study In this session, the participants will be provided with the benefits of self-reflection writing data which I conducted during 2018-2019 academic year in my classes.
The aim of this presentation is to share the data of positive effects of reflective writing in students’ language learning and how reflective writing contributes to develop students’ metacognitive skills.

14:45-16:30 ScOLa 314

Kezban Altuntaş Reading club Reading text: Comparing Frameworks for
21st Century Skills by Chris Dede

Please send an e-mail to presenters by Wednesday if you would like to attend this session so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

2. December Birthdays