1. Dr. Burak Kandemir’s Presentation

On November 14, Dr. Burak Kandemir met the students who have taken ENG303 and gave a speech. Dr. Kandemir explained the effective ways of presenting a business idea in a professional manner and persuading the listeners. Dr. Kandemir also clarified how a successful business proposal can be written. As an experienced engineer in the field, he also answered the questions regarding the sector. Below is Dr. Kandemir’s bio data.

Burak Kandemir (PhD.), Senior Manager – Ernst & Young

Burak began his career in 1998 in Arçelik/Beko, where he worked in International Sales, Production Engineering, and Supply Chain until 2011, and Stock and Distribution Planning Manager from 2011 until 2014. He worked as Integrated Planning Manager in Nobel İlaç between 2014 and 2015, and Supply Chain Edge Applications Solutions Leader in Turkey, North Africa and Central Asia in Oracle from 2015 until 2017. He now works in the Performance Improvement Advisory practice at Ernst & Young as a Senior Manager.

Burak holds a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering (1998), MSc in Engineering Management (2001) and PhD in Supply Chain Management (2009), all from Istanbul Technical University (ITU). He is also lecturing Supply Chain Management in Istanbul Technical University as a visiting scholar. Burak is a member of System Dynamics Society, Logistics Society, Supply Chain Professionals Club, I.T.U. Alumni and has participated in various summits and conferences as a spokesperson.
As ScOLa, we would like to thank Dr. Burak Kandemir for offering such a nice opportunity to our students.


2. Common time sessions

Date & Time & Venue Presenter Title Brief info about the session
09:00-10:30ScOLa 220
Sinem Altuğ Gamification in the classroom The aim of this session is to give some ideas about the use of gamification in classroom. The participants will be involved in the activities to be done during the session.
09:00-10:30ScOLa 314
Elmas Onbaşı Gül Metacognition in Practicum: A Self-Reflective Writing Study In this session, the participants will be provided with the benefits of self-reflection writing data which I conducted during 2018-2019 academic year in my classes.
The aim of this presentation is to share the data of positive effects of reflective writing in students’ language learning and how reflective writing contributes to develop students’ metacognitive skills.

Please send an e-mail to presenters by Wednesday if you would like to attend this session so that they can make the necessary arrangements.