Dear all,

You can find the updates and news for this week below:

1. IATEFL Research SIG Conference Organising Committee

The conference committee started working on the preparations and held their first meeting. We hope that with the collaboration of everbody in ScOLa, we will have a successful conference. The details will be shared through these update posts on a regular basis.

2. 2018-2019 Academic Year Research Group
Olcay Ergülü, Deniz Kılavuz, Sema Meşincigiller, Tuğba Yıldırım, Burcu Kaldırım, Sultan Düzenli and Azer Doğan completed the first round of the research journey and received their certificates!

They attended the sessions below and completed the necessary requirements:
•The research question
•The introduction and the purpose statement
•Literature Review
•Methodological Design
•Data collection
•Data analysis
•Research ethics

We congratulate them and wish good luck in continuing their research!

3. Sabanci University, School of Languages, Vocabulary Teaching and Learning (VTL) online course
This course is primarily geared towards teachers who have some experience teaching teenagers and adults. It is a 7 week course, starting on April 6th and ending on May 27th.
The course aims to help teachers develop their awareness, knowledge and skills in vocabulary teaching in terms of what vocabulary to teach, how to teach it, how to practise and revise the vocabulary and how to assess it by:
developing a greater understanding of what it means to know a word and developing familiarity with key concepts, methods and strategies to create opportunities for presenting and practising lexis effectively;
analysing and practising presentation, practice and recycling methods with a combination of practical in-class and online tools (hard and soft tools).

If you would like further information about the course and to enrol please click on this link.
Enrolment is currently open and ends on April 6th, 2019.

4. April Birthdays