Dear all,

please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Coffee time:  Coffee time with the director has started and so far Nergis Uyan has met three different groups to have a chat over a cup of coffee.


2. Reading Club:

ScOLa Reading Club met for the second time last week to share their perspectives on the article “Why Don’t Students Like School?”.  During this two-hour idea-sharing session, the participants discussed their notes on the following questions:

  • What is the author’s answer to the question of why students don’t like school?
    • To what extend do you agree/disagree with the answer?
    • Would that answer guide us into creating the right conditions for learning? How?
  • How would you reflect on the suggested implications?
    • Which of those you believe may have guided your way of teaching so far?
    • Which activity/task types or classroom procedures does each implication remind you of?

The third session will be held on 14.03.2019-Thursday.


3. Common Time Developmental Sessions:

You can find this week’s session information below:

Please send an e-mail to by Wednesday if you would like to attend this session so that she can make the necessary arrangements.

4. MA Thesis Presentation: 

Meltem Akpınar Yılmaz presented her MA dissertation entitled “The Perceptions of The Team Leaders Working in a School of Foreign Languages About School Effectiveness: A Case Study” to inform the ScOLa management group about the aim, methodology and findings of her study.

5. SEC 101 – ScOLa Seminar:

Khosro Vahabi, from the UGE program, gave a session entitled “A More Sustainable ÖzU-The Fight against Single-use Plastic”. The session was open to all ÖzU students aiming at raising the awareness of our students regarding the issue, and 45 students attended the session.













6. March Birthdays: