On February 16th, MLP Instructors attended the second ELT, DAF and FLE Conference with the inclusion of ELE and ILS this year in Wyndam Grand Kaamış. There were concurrent sessions with the same topic in ELT (English), DAF (German),FLE (French), ELE (Italian) and ILS (Spanish).

The conference theme was “Learning to Learn” and the aim of the conference was to discuss different methods to get students to learn how to learn with special focus on learner autonomy and 21st Century skills.
The event was geared towards sharing methods and experiences in an interactive environment with the guest speakers.

Main topics were:
• Autonomy in learning: Strategies for development of learner autonomy
• Assessment of learning: self-evaluation, peer evaluation, assessment tools (rubrics and portfolio)
• ICT for Learner Autonomy
• Planning for Learning: Portfolio as a planning and reflection tool
• Active learning methodologies:project-based learning, flipped class, cooperative groups