Dear all,

we hope all is well with you and with your classes.

Below you can find the latest updates and upcoming events in ScOLa.

  1. ScOLa Student Support System: All the co-curricular activities started as of Week 2. You can find the details of each below. For further questions, you can get in touch with Esra Çelik Soydan (
    1. Study Center: Our individual support center is in Library (-2 floor). We informed our students about it through level meetings and posters in the classrooms. Compared to previous years, we have received a very high number of student visits in the first two weeks of the academic year.  There were more than 20 student visits in just two weeks (8 from A2 level, 4 from B1 level, 7 from B2 level and 4 from Pending).You can always direct your students who need extra support and guidance to Study Center. Below you can see the schedule.
      12.45-16.35 8.40- 12.35 08.40- 16.35 8.40- 16.35 8.40-12.35
    2. ScOLa Clubs: This year we have two clubs for each level. All the relevant posters have been given to the core instructors to be put on their classroom noticeboards.  You can always direct your students to these clubs. Last week, we had our initial meeting with the students and all the clubs received a good number of students. Especially at A2 level, students were quite motivated to attend the clubs and around 100 students have already signed up for the Speaking Club. We hope that this enthusiasm will continue throughout the year with your support and cooperation.
    3. B1 Level Project: B1 Project started on Tuesday in Week 2 with 120 B1 level students. Due to the high number of students who enrolled in the project class, there are six different sections which are conducted on a block-schedule. For further questions, you can get in touch with Gülçin Coşgun (
      B1 PROJECT


      Tuesday Wednesday Friday
      Gulcin Section1


      Section 2



      Section 3


      Section 4



      Section 5


      Section 6



  2. ScOLa Developmental Sessions: Our Common Time Sessions start this week. We will be starting with a session focusing on “Student-Centered Teaching” which was specifically designed for ScOla using our curriculum and course-package. The session will be given by Kezban Altuntaş on Thursday (12.10.2017) during morning common time (between 9.00 and 10.30) in FEAS-AB2 G12.  If you are interested, please come join us.  It would be better if you could inform Kezban ( about your attendance by the end of Tuesday so that she can make her arrangements accordingly.
  3. Research sessions: The research group which is comprised of 10 instructors will hold their first meeting this Thursday and start their journey!


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Wish you all a smooth new week.