Dear all,

You can find the news and updates related to this week below:

1. Student Strand:

i. Student Development Sessions

This week, there will NOT be a live student development session. However, we have just shared the previous recording of the session “How to Study Vocabulary” by Esra Çelik Soydan which was given in week 3. And we recommend our students to watch this if they missed the live session in that week. Students can find the recording on our LMS page (ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities).

Please encourage your students to watch this session if they haven’t already.

ii. ÖzU English Language Support Center

The Support Center poster has been updated and will be effective as of November 15. You can find the updated version below:

2022-23 Fall – English Language Support Center Poster – updated 15.11.2022

Please inform your students about this and put the new small poster with the updated QR code on your classroom noticeboards. You can see it below: