Dear all,

Welcome back 🙂

We hope you all had a nice short break, effective prep days and had a good start to the Summer Semester on Thursday last week.

Below you can find this week’s news and announcements:

1. Student Strand

1.a. Study Center

This semester, we will keep supporting our students with their individual needs through ScOLa Study Center both online and face-to-face. It’ll be face-to-face sessions from Monday to Thursday in the Library, Floor -2. On Friday, the Study slots will be online. For both types of sessions, students will need to make appointments using the instructor links on the Study Center poster below:

2021-22 Summer Semester Part I – Study Center Poster

This poster is just for the first half of the Summer School. A new one will be prepared and shared before Part 2 starts.

This semester, we have also prepared a Student Guidelines document for Study Center use, which you can find below:

Study Center – Student Guidelines

Please go over these two documents with your students in class while promoting Study Center this semester and upload both on your LMS class pages for students’ reference. They have also been uploaded on our ScOLa Extra-curricular activities LMS page where all prep students are registered.

1.b. B2 Faculty Projects

In the Spring semester, Özlem Kaplan Snyder ran a ScOLa club “B2 Engineers’ Club” for B2 students who will study Engineering when they go to their departments. This club aimed to bridge the gap between ScOLa and faculties to some extent by focusing on the students’ language development while at the same time including some faculty content into the club sessions. These sessions included the analysis of faculty and department websites, an interview with a freshman, reading about design process and evaluating some modern designs in the light of its principles, analysis of a course description form and a syllabus of a faculty class, introduction to the fundamental laws of Newtonian mechanics, listening to and having discussions with guest speakers (a UGE instructor, an experienced engineer), etc. The students who were able to finish the club activities successfully were extremely satisfied with the fact that they did something relevant to their departments while they were studying at the prep program and found out some important details about what was waiting for them in the future while developing their skills in English at the same time.

In the next academic year, we are going to do this for the other faculties, not just Engineering. And we would like to know if you are interested to run a similar club for any of the faculties below:

  1. Faculty of Business
  2. Faculty of Architecture and Design
  3. Faculty of Social Sciences
  4. Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences
  5. School of Applied Sciences

As TLDU, we’ll be working together with the club teachers while they are planning and running these clubs, so you’ll be getting support during both stages.

If you are interested, please email Özlem Kaplan Snyder at by the end of this Friday, June 24 and state which faculty club you’d like to run in the 2022-23 Academic Year.

Thank you very much for your contributions in advance.

We wish all of us a great Summer Semester.