Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Session

Last week, our colleague, Sedef Güzelyurt, gave a session on using literary texts in EFL classes considering critical pedagogy, which was pioneered by Paulo Freire. 7 instructors attended the session. Before the session, the participants read the short story Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin and answered questions addressing topics such as social class, gender, inequality, race, or sexual discrimination. In the session, the group discussed their answers to those questions and then reflected on their reading experience. In the final stage of the meeting, instructors discussed the use of literature and critical pedagogy in our classes and what advantages and limitations such a practice might entail. The session recording and tasks can be found in Z-drive TLDU folder.

b. This Week’s Session

This week, ScOLa Reading Club will have its final meeting of the academic year to discuss the issue of “prejudice” in education.