Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Development Sessions

This week, ScOLa Faculty Reading Club had its third meeting and discussed about “Mass Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion”. The group read about the sources of persuasion and discussed whether the classroom is a place to attempt persuasion or not. The discussion also revolved around the nature of communication and how it relates to teacher and student roles and what implications could be drawn for teaching practices. The meeting ended with a brief debate on how educational policies evolved in time and what changes they brought in educational expectations.

b. Development Sessions in Spring Semester 

We are planning to continue having our developmental sessions with the help of our voluntary instructors who would like to share good practices with ScOLa members. If you are interested in giving a session/series of sessions in spring semester, please send an email to Kezban Altuntaş Özben by January 19, 2022 until 17:00.

2. Extra-curricular Student Activities in Spring Semester

In Spring Semester, we are hoping to have more student clubs as well as continuing to offer more student development sessions with the help of ScOLa instructors who are willing to design and give such sessions or run such clubs based on the needs/interests they observe. If you are interested in giving a session/running a club in Spring Semester, please send an email to Özlem Kaplan Snyder by 17:00, January 19, 2022. (

Student Development Sessions:

Here is a list of student development sessions we, as ScOLa, gave in the Fall Semester, which might give you an idea:

  1. How to be an Effective Online Learner by Mohammad Khari
  2. How to Study Vocabulary by Esra Çelik Soydan
  3. How to Study Receptive Skills (Reading and Listening) by Özlem Kaplan Snyder
  4. Guest Student Session
  5. How to Study Writing by Esra Çelik Soydan
  6. Effective Problem Solving Skills by Sultan Zeydan


These can include B1 or B2 Speaking Club (the sessions of which are designed according to weekly syllabus objectives) and any clubs that you’d like to run based on your field of interest.

3. Happy New Year