Presentation Title: Adjective Units in the Spanish language: Levels A

Brief information about the congress:

The conference was held online and in the form of an international congress on February 17–19, 2021, Organised by the University of Jaen (Spain) to create forums for discussion, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, which included a wide range of presentations in Spanish Lexical Studies.

Brief information about my presentation:

My presentation aimed to provide the necessary tools for learners to acquire knowledge, reflection and production of the adjective units by derivation. Teachers not only have to worry about how these lexical units are formed, but also describe what resources are offered in the teaching process to the learner for their acquisition.

The lack and non-existent treatment of word formation, in the field of teaching Spanish, makes its application in the classroom an issue that should be considered by teachers. Therefore, this communication aimed to corroborate the suitability and operability of the work with the morphological derivation of these adjective units in the field of teaching the Spanish language.

 “Highlights from the Conference”

I Congreso Internacional Virtual inLÉXICO2021 had 133 participants, including 86 communicators and five invited speakers, not only from Spain, but also from Japan, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Poland or Switzerland.

The theme of the congress was composed of Lexicographic and Lexicological investigations, Symposiums about: Lexical studies, Lexicographic studies, and Studies of Spanish as a foreign language. The aimed was focused on providing studies, research projects in both research and teaching-learning of the Spanish language and, especially, in terms of Spanish Lexical studies.

In conclusion, the congress hosted a wide variety of communications and presentations on scientific activities that were intended to be a guide in the transfer and dissemination of lexical studies, trying to advance our contribution as a scientific group by sharing the advances of our researches.