Dear all,

please find this week’s news and updates below;

1.Common Time Professional Development Sessions

2.Common Time Student Development Sessions

This week we will have a session entitled “How to be an effective online learner” given by Mohammad Khari in English. Could you please share the below poster with your students so that they can have the necessary info to attend this session? (The poster could also be found on Z-drive in Extra-curricular Activities folder)


3. ScOLa Projects

The students were informed about the projects in all levels last week through in-class presentations as well as the presentations given by the project teachers, which was the step 1 of the project registration process this time. Although attending these meetings was not compulsory for registration, it was highly recommended. The participation in these detailed presentations were:

A2: No students showed up for this meeting.

B1: 29 students attended.

B2: 116 students attended.

This week, our students can benefit from further reminders about the deadlines below:

Step 2: Registration – This ends today (Monday, 15.02.2021) at 16:30.

Step 3: Choosing a section – from Wednesday afternoon (17.02.2021) till 16:30 on Thursday (18.02.2021)

Important Note: They CANNOT choose a section in step 3 if they do not complete step 2 (register for the project by the end of today)

4. ScOLa Clubs

Our ScOLa Clubs start running as of this week. Below you can find the club posters consisting of the necessary info. Could you please share these posters with your students and encourage the interested ones to attend the first sessions of these clubs to get more detailed info? (The posters could also be found on Z-drive in Extra-curricular Activities folder)