This free short course will give teachers many of the tools and skills they need to deliver their classes online, and as an optional add-on, expert individual guidance and feedback on what solutions actually work in given contexts.

Following requests from partners and institutions worldwide with urgent requirements to offer online learning, NILE has produced this course to offer immediate solutions to the disruption with minimum obstruction to their students’ education. The course, written by Russell Stannard of Teacher Training Videos and Johanna Stirling, NILE Online Academic Manager, will help teachers to provide online activities that learners can work on individually and collectively, and also help teachers set up and deliver live online lessons.

The course will be self-access and self-paced so participants can work through the whole course in sequence or choose to do units in a different order to respond to immediate needs.

Units cover the following areas:

Managing and teaching online
Putting content and activities online
Further options with online platforms
Planning and delivering live lessons
Other key resources and tools

If you would like to register, you can use the link.