1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

You can find the details of this week’s sessions below:



ScOLa 220

Why Words Matter: The role of learners in vocabulary acquisition Mine Onan “Vocabulary learning is one of the major challenges that foreign language learners face during the process of learning a language” (Ghazal, 2010). As many of learners do not possess sufficient mastery of the strategy repertoire, they have difficulty finding proper words and phrases. Graves’ (1987, cited in Lawson & Hogben, 1996, p. 106) suggests that it should be sensible to encourage learners “to adopt personal plans to establish their vocabularies over time” taking into account that the largest part of the vocabulary learning task is done independently by learners themselves. Moreover, studies that examined the amount of word acquisition from context showed that only a small number of L2 words can be ‘picked up’ from exposure to texts without any subsequent vocabulary practice. The session explores the perceptions of Scola students on vocabulary learning, the kinds of strategies they employ and suggest tasks which will contribute to their autonomous learning experiences as well as productive vocabulary knowledge.
ScOLa 314
Reading club Kezban Altuntaş Reading text: Cooperative Learning and Conflict Resolution: Essential
21st Century Skills by David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson

Please send an e-mail to presenters by Wednesday if you would like to attend this session so that they can make the necessary arrangements.


2. ScOLa New Year/Christmas Tree & Mini Breakfast

We got together to decorate our tree today. You can find some photos from the event below: