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Please find the news and updates for this week below.

1. Common time professional development sessions

Title: Drama for English Language Instructors
Instructor: Meltem Yılmaz
Session Details: The Session “Drama for English Language Instructors” aims an alternative method to be used in English Language Classrooms to support students in terms of social and linguistic skills. In the session, the concept of drama, the need to use drama in the class, the attitude of the teachers related to usage of drama in ELT and sample drama activities will be shared in an interactive way with the instructors.
Date & Time: Afternoon common time (14:45-16.30)
Venue: ScOLa-220

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to by Tuesday 16:30.

2. LMS Quiz Tutorial/Workshops

Two LMS Quiz workshops have been organized by the C&A Team with the support of Modern Languages Program to foster different question types and to integrate images, sound and video into LMS Quizzes.

• On February 27th, Eugene Giovanelli shared the basics of LMS Quiz preparation by revisiting the rationale and the advantages of LMS Quizzes. He then moved on to hands on practice in preparing Multiple choice, True/False, Matching, Numerical and Embedded question types.

The PPT he used in class can be used as a guide to prepare LMS Quizzes since it contains step by step screenshots from LMS. It is on Z-Drive in AAA level folders.

• On March 6th Ervin Daleth Ostos Santos showed the participants how to drag and drop onto image, selecting missing words, drag and drop ino text and performing those in combination with the jpeg, sound or video files. Then, the group was asked to practice these question types by carrying out the tasks.
The Prezi Ervin used in class and the image/sound files can be found in the links below.


3. Management Training by Tony Prince

All the coordinators, team leaders and TLDU members attended a training on management given by Tony Prince, the Academic Director for Tertiary Education at NILE.

Core themes in the one-day training included motivation theories, performance management and managing change.







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