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Please find the news and updates for this week below.

1.Common Time Developmental Sessions:

Title: Drama for English Language Instructors

Instructor: Meltem Yılmaz

Session Details: The Session “Drama for English Language Instructors” aims an alternative method to be used in English Language Classrooms to support students in terms of social and linguistic skills. In the session, the concept of drama, the need to use drama in the class, the attitude of the teachers related to usage of drama in ELT and sample drama activities will be shared in an interactive way with the instructors.

Date & Time: Morning common time (09:00-10.30)

Venue: ScOLa-220

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to by Tuesday 16:30.

2. Workshop on Quality Assurance for English in Higher Education

Nergis Uyan was invited to the workshop on quality assurance for English in higher education that was held on February 27th at the Council of Higher Education in Ankara. Representatives from 26 universities came together in order to agree on the indicators for a national, outcome-based quality framework and set the minimum standards for English Language Preparatory Programmes of higher education institutions in Turkey as well as to discuss and suggest models for the accreditation agency.


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