Dear all,

we’ve made it to the end of the spring semester. Congratulations to you all for your hard work and motivation 🙂 & enjoy marking and prep days 🙂

You can find the reminders and highlights of this week below.

1. Don’t forget that the deadline for applying for the assessment specialist responsibility is today by 17.00.

2. Don’t forget to fill in your Annual Leave Forms according to your holiday dates and hand them in to Eda by Wednesday 24th May.

3. Reflections of our colleagues who attended different events for the last couple of weeks have been posted on our blog under “ScOLa at Conferences” category. If you would like to become more familar with these events, such as FOCI, FOAI, T-Plus and EAQUALS Conference, you can have a look at the reflections.

Wish you all a smooth week,