Dear all,

We hope you have had a good start to the new week and would like to inform you about this week’s highlights:

1. Study Center proudly presents:

“How to Sessions”: As of week 7, Study Center has been visited 95 times this semester from different levels on different issues.  In addition to guiding and supporting our students who visit Study Center, we would like to reach more of our students on the most common issues they experience.  With this purpose in mind, we’ve planned three different sessions on different areas which will be held on Fridays at 13.00.  You can find the abstracts and the session details below.  The posters about these sessions will be posted around as of next week and we will keep you updated.


Study Center How-to session I: Motivation

“to learn or not to learn English?”

This session aims at raising students’ awareness on motivation. The students will have the opportunity to reflect on their English language learning strategies, to explore their own motivation and to set goals for their language learning.   The session will be an interactive one which will also include discussions.

Date&Time: 24.03.2017-Friday at 13.00


Study Center How-to session II: Vocabulary

“A mission to Mars?”

This session aims at raising students’ awareness on the ways to improve their vocabulary in an interactive way.  In the session, students’ experiences and the challenges they face in learning vocabulary will be explored. There will be information on the importance of vocabulary knowledge in language learning, general and academic vocabulary we provide in ScOLa, and tips and suggestions on how to study for vocabulary.

Date&Time: 31.03.2017-Friday at 13.00


Study Center How-to session III: Writing

“Effective Ways to the Reader’s Heart”

This session aims at raising students’ awareness on the ways to improve their writing skills. There are tips and suggestions on how to study for content, organization, grammar and vocabulary. The session will be held in an interactive way. Students’ experiences and the challenges they face in the writing process will be asked and effective ways will be discussed together with the students.

Date&Time: 07.04.2017-Friday at 13.00


2. A Visit from Kadir Has University

A group of representatives from Kadir Has University Prep School visited our school last week regarding the establishment of their Continuous Professional Development Unit.  During their visit they had a chance to meet our Director, Deputy Director, UGE Coordinator, former TDU Coordinator and current TLDU Members.  It was a fruitful day for both parties in terms of exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.

3The Eaquals Webinar

Eaquals invites you to join the third in the series of six webinars:

Title: Assessment principles for the classroom: How to make sure you test fairly

Date & Time: Wednesday 22 March  14.00-15.00 CET time (13.00-14.00 UK time)

Overview of the webinar : Fairness is an important principle in testing – keenly felt by both students and teachers whether the test is in the classroom or external. How do we ensure that every test we conduct – diagnostic, formative, summative and external – is fair and reliable? How do we ensure preparation for a test is valid? This session looks at how the 4 key testing principles of validity, reliability, practicality and impact can be used by teachers to ensure that they are being fair and equal to every student. The session includes a mix of methodology and practical applications with opportunities to participate and ask questions related to your own situation.

Dr Elaine Boyd has been involved in English language teaching, teacher training and assessment design for over 35 years for a range of international organizations. She has developed and delivered courses in teacher education and assessment literacy in Europe and India. She is the author of several ELT coursebooks including publications in the Gold exam series and Activate for younger learners. She has published articles in the fields of assessing spoken and written language such as Assessment Literacy for Teachers (2015), British Council. Her research also includes corpus methodologies and she co-authored Epistemic stance in spoken L2 English: The effect of task type and speaker style. (2016). She holds a PhD in spoken language and pragmatics from the University of Cardiff and is currently conducting research in partnership with the Trinity Lancaster Corpus of Spoken Language. She is currently Visiting Professor at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

Registration: If you would like to attend, please register by the 21st March at the latest using the following link:


Wish you all a happy new week,