Dear All,

here are this week’s news:

1. Nergis Akbay attended Eaquals Members’ Meeting on 18-19 November in Florence, Italy.  The aim of the meeting was to share expertise and to further innovation and development in our field through keynote plenary sessions together with parallel workshops. Further details will be shared soon.

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2.Eugene held the first MLP Professional Development session entitled “LMS Quizzes Tutorial” on November 18th for Modern Languages instructors. He started by referring to the LMS workshops we had with Erim 2 years ago. Since then, Eugene has produced LMS Quizzes for all the French courses he teaches at ScOLa (FRE 101, FRE 102, FRE 201 and FRE 202). Last year, he shared his expertise with Arco, our Italian instructor who joined the club and produced LMS Quizzes for the ITA students.

Eugene then continued with the rationale of the LMS quizzes in the program. You can see a brief summary of the benefits for the students and the instructors below.

For students

Formative assessment process

Process materials learnt in class

Self-assessment tool towards autonomy

Immediate feedback

Identify gaps in knowledge

Can retake the quiz

Keep learners engaged & motivated

For instructors

Tailor tests in the desired way

Save time on corrections in class

Overview of test scores & progress

Evaluate students’ performances individually

Identify students’ weak areas

Apply remedy in class

Eco friendly

The rest of the workshop was planned for step by step instructions on creating LMS quizzes. Eugene also gave insights on what type of questions could be used in languages which do not use the Latin alphabet. (Russian, Arabic, Chinese)

It was an inspirational session which created a collaborative learning environment. As a follow-up task, each instructor  will create a quiz for the language s/he teaches. The group decided to meet in two weeks time to share the quizzes they have created. Nergis E. will be available to assist the instructors in the task.

The next MLP developmental session will be led by Ervin Ostos on Scorm Packages with reference to Flipped Learning.

















3. We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our Teachers’ Day.

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