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Do you like comic strips? I love’em!

I discovered Make Belief Comics which is a web tool which enables users to create entertaining comic strips. It’s free and it is very user friendly. You can write your story in a variety of languages. Basically all you need to do is selecting panels, choosing characters and using your imagination to create your story. I experimented with it and ended up with the cartoon below (I know not very funny haah! But I enjoyed creating it 🙂 )

I really think that using comic strips in the lesson might about the fun element into learning. Students can come up with their stories and practice the use of newly learned vocabulary items and/or grammar structures while they are telling their stories on-line.

Make Belief Comics also suggest some great ideas regarding how this tool can be used. One of them is entitled: “A Day at School”. I thought that it could be an excellent activity to try out in class. It reads as:

“MAKE BELIEVE that you’re in school. Your teacher is talking to the students in your class, and you have the power to read the hidden thoughts and daydreams of your fellow students as the teacher lectures. Choose a character to be the teacher who is speaking to students. What are his or her words? Now, what is going on in students’ heads? Place thought balloons over students’ heads and in them write their secret thoughts. If you wish, you can use talk balloons to have students respond to teacher’s words.”

Also I loved the idea of having the students create daily (or weekly?) comic strip diaries in which they portray and reflect what they learned and experienced.

For more ideas you can visit this link. I think that adding fun element in tothe lesson is necessary and telling stories online by using comic strips is a great way. Hope you like it.

by Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam

7 thoughts on “Online Educational Comic Strip Generator; MakeBeliefComix

  1. Wow. That’s just fantastic. It is gonna be a lot of fun using Make Belief Comics in the class. Thanks Aslıcım 🙂

  2. Dear Aslı,

    What a nice idea for students to make their own stories. And it is a FREE tool on the Internet. In the past, we used to provide students with 5 vocabulary items and afterwards they would come up with a story of their own by using those vocab items but with this tool they can use the newly learned vocabulary items that they want in their stories.
    Thanks again I will definitely give it a try in my classes.

  3. I love this !
    I think you can integrate comic strips in just about any subject. It is a great way to get students thinking and being creative. BEST OF ALL- It is FREE!!! With technology and the use of Ipads being at students fingertips now days, this is awesome. Not only could students use it to demonstrate their knowledge in a fun way, but I think the teacher could make this useful by creating a comic strip as a way to introduce a new topic. Elementary teachers could make this a part of morning meeting or even a weekly newsletter 🙂 So many opportunities to be silly, fun, and creative !!

  4. Thank you for sharing with your readers and community.
    Bill Zimmerman

  5. Simply love it, love it.
    How did I miss this piece of information!!
    Now, I am trying to figure out if/how I can use it on the first day with my students ^^
    It is gonna be fun, yey!!

    Thanks a lot Aslı.

    • Thank you for your kind words about
      You might, for the first lesson with the comic generator, encourage your students to create autobiographical comic strips telling who they are.
      Bill Zimmerman

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