I attended the event entitled “Exploring the Intersection of E-Learning and AI: Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Enhanced Learning Experiences” on the weekend of 29th to 30th April 2023, It was delivered by Assistant Professor, Mustafa POLAT.


The event included sessions that will help teachers to:

  • Gain hands-on experience with AI-powered e-learning tools, and understand how they can be used to deliver personalized, engaging, and effective learning experiences.
  • Explore best practices for integrating AI tools into existing teaching and training practices, and understand the potential impact on learners and educators.
  • Gain insights into the ethical considerations and potential challenges associated with using AI in e-learning, and understand how to address these issues in practice.
  • Develop a plan for integrating AI-enhanced e-learning into their own teaching or training practice, and understand how to measure the effectiveness of these interventions

The interactive session on e-learning and AI tools is an engaging and informative discussion on the latest advancements in technology that can revolutionize the field of education. The session is aimed at educators, trainers, and anyone interested in leveraging the power of AI and e-learning tools to enhance the learning experience. Participants learned about the latest trends in e-learning, including gamification, micro learning, and personalized learning, and how AI tools can be used to support these approaches. They also explored how AI can be used to analyse learner data, personalize learning paths, and provide real-time feedback to learners. The session featured hands-on demonstrations of AI-powered e-learning tools, allowing participants to experience first-hand the potential of these technologies. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss best practices for integrating these tools into their own teaching and training practices. Overall, this session helped us all know how artificial intelligence is becoming inevitable and how we should turn it into a beneficial tool by integrating it into our own teaching and continuous assessment.