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Here are the updates for this week:

1. Teacher Strand

i. ScOLa Faculty Reading Club

ScOLa Faculty Reading Club held its second meeting last week on Wednesday, 26 April, with four members and one first-time member participating. The focus of the meeting was “conformity”. The discussion centered on conformity and its impact on students’ academic performance and personal development. During the meeting, instructors shared their observations on our students’ conformity orientations.

They noted that some students tend to conform to their peers’ behaviors and attitudes, while others resist conformity and maintain their individuality. The instructors stressed the importance of creating an atmosphere that encourages students to think critically and express their unique perspectives, as well as fostering a sense of community and mutual respect. They suggested various strategies for achieving this, such as group discussions, and providing opportunities for students to share their personal experiences and perspectives.

The participants also discussed whether instructors feel the need to conform to students and the general atmosphere in the class. The discussion centered around the idea that instructors may feel pressured to conform to their students’ expectations and attitudes to maintain a positive classroom environment, create a common language, and avoid conflict. The instructors shared their own experiences and strategies for navigating this dynamic. These strategies included setting clear expectations and boundaries, encouraging open dialogue and respectful disagreement, and maintaining a focus on academic goals and learning outcomes.

Overall, the meeting was a valuable opportunity for ScOLa faculty members to reflect on conformity and its impact on classroom dynamics. It also allowed them to brainstorm ways to create a more inclusive and empowering learning environment for all.

ii. “In the Know” Sessions: Four Minds, One Goal: Exploring  the Applications of AI in SCOLA

2. Student Strand

i. B2 “QUIZ SHOW” ROUND 1 Results

B2 Quiz Show Round 1 was played with the participation of 20 B2 classes. Here are the classes that are eligible for the final round;
1-M4 (Sedef Güzelyurt)
2-M 15 (Selçuk Mutlu)
3-M 18 (Günizi Tarar)
Congratulations  🎉
The second round (the final game) will be played this week (week 11) and there will be a prize for the winning class!

Thank you for your participation and interest.