Dear all,

You can find the news and updates related to this week below:

1. Common Time Development Sessions

i. Sessions of the Week

Our common time professional development strand continues this week with two sessions. Please refer to the poster below for further information, and if you wish to attend, please notify the presenter by e-mail by the end of the day.

Morning Common Time

Assessment in the EFL Classroom- Classroom Assessment and Teacher As an Assessor 

Afternoon Common Time

2. Student Strand:

i. B2 Level “QUIZ SHOW” This year we are organizing “ScOLa Quiz Show” for B2 level students.  It aims to create a fun environment where our B2 level students can compete in a friendly way to show their grammar, vocabulary, and content knowledge.  The show will be composed of two rounds:

-The first round will take place in Week 11 with the participation of all the classes.

-The second round will take place in Week 13 with the participation of the three finalist classes from the first round.

The detailed procedures for each round can be found in the guidelines that are shared by B2 team leaders this week.


Please be reminded that this is not a compulsory activity for all B2 classes, but those who would like to test their knowledge and have fun with their classmates at the same time should mark their calendars next week. 😊  


ii. Student Development Sessions

This week, there will NOT be a live student development session. However, as it has been announced on our Student Development Session Calendar, we strongly recommend our students to watch the recording of a previous session called “How to Revise Vocabulary Effectively” by  Babak Jahanaray. They can find the recording at the bottom of our LMS page (ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities) under the section of “Session Recordings from the Previous Year”.

Please encourage your students to watch this session.