Dear all,

You can find the news and updates related to this week below:

1. Teacher Strand:

i. Common Time Development Sessions 

During week six, two new sessions are scheduled for common time development. In the morning common time, Deniz Bağcı will present Student-centred Classroom through Reflective Teaching, and in the afternoon common time, Canan Şaban will present Foreign Language Assessment Overview as the first session of the series Assessment in the EFL Classroom. Please refer to the following posters for more information.

2. Student Strand: 

i. Student Development Sessions

This week, there will NOT be a live student development session. However, as it has been announced on our Student Development Session Calendar, we strongly recommend our students to watch the recording of a previous session called “How to Study Writing” by Esra Çelik Soydan. They can find the recording at the bottom of our LMS page (ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities) under the section of “Session Recordings from the Previous Year”.

Please encourage your students to watch this session.

ii. ScOLa Clubs

Turkish Language Club is going to have its first session this week on Friday and they are still accepting applications. The session poster is on our LMS page.

If you have foreign students who need to learn Turkish in your B1 and B2 classes, please remind them about this club.

iii. Halloween Door Decoration Competition Result

Halloween Door Decoration Competition is over. Thanks to all our students for their great effort, instructors for their guidance and  our jury for their support.

The jury has evaluated the classroom door decorations considering their creativity and reflection of  the spirit of Halloween concept and decided on two winners. The winning classes are both in B2 group; B2 M5 AND M10. Congratulations to these groups. Surprises are on the way for the winners 🙂

Here are the photos taken from the other classes who joined the competition.



Those who decorated their classrooms can keep the decorations till the end of this week. We will kindly ask those classes to remove all the decorations and clean their doors at the end of this week?

Once again, we would like to thank all who showed interest in the competition and enjoyed the Halloween spirit with us:)