Dear all,

You can find the news and updates related to this week below:

1. Teacher Strand:

i. Common Time Development Sessions 

Update: This week common time development sessions continue with the second sittings of “The Importance of Professional Development and Teacher Well-being” by Wioleta Wenclawek. Please note that “Syntactic Complexity in L2 Writing Development” by Nesrin Atak has been postponed to November 16 from 09:45 to 10:35.

POSTPONED Afternoon common time

2. Student Strand:

i. Student Development Sessions

We are going to have our 2nd live student development session of the semester this week on Wednesday entitled “How to Study Receptive Skills (Reading & Listening)” by Özlem Kaplan Snyder. Please see the poster below for details and encourage your students to attend this session.

Please note that students can find the poster on LMS Extra-curricular Activities page and on the outer side of TLDU office door. They do not need to do anything in advance to register. It is enough if they just show up for the session.

ii. ScOLa Clubs

Thanks to the collaboration of our Turkish Language Instructors from Modern Languages, we are able to offer another club for the foreign students in B1 and B2 levels in the Prep Program this semester. “Turkish Language Club” will provide chances for those students to learn and practice Turkish in real-life activities and it will help ease their adjustment to the country and the culture that surrounds them. You can see the details on the poster below.

If you have foreign students in your B1 and B2 classes, please spare some time in class to announce this club and encourage them to join.


iii. A2 Support Lessons

A need has been identified in A2 level in terms of some students needing more support for their language development. In order to address this need, we are starting A2 Support classes this week on Wednesday. As long as the students keep attending and the need continues, these classes will be carried out every Wednesday between 13:45-14:35. The information about the venue will be communicated to the students through email.

iv. Halloween Door Decoration Competition: Update

In order to join this competition, please decorate your classroom door in the scariest and the most creative way you can. You will have two weeks to plan, organize and decorate your doors until 28 October, and a committee will choose the scariest door and the winner will be announced on the 31st October. Remember, there will be a prize for the winner(s) 🙂

Here are some samples from the previous competition.







This is not compulsory for all the classes and for all the students, if you’d like to have fun with your students and enjoy the Halloween spirit, please join us!