Dear all,

You can find the news and updates related to this week below:

1. Teacher Strand:

i. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

We continue our common time developmental sessions this week with Nesrin Atak’s Syntactic Complexity Development in L2 Writing. Please see the poster below for the session details.

2. Student Strand:

i. Student Development Sessions

There will NOT be a live student development session this week. However, as it has been announced on our Student Development Session Calendar, we strongly recommend all our Prep students to watch the recording of a previous session called “Guest Student Session”. In that session, one of our previous students talked about his Prep year experience and gave some useful advice for our students. Your students can find the recording at the bottom of our LMS page (ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities) under the section of “Session Recordings from the Previous Year”. Please remind this to your students this week and encourage them to watch it.

ii. Halloween Door Decoration Competition 

This year we’d like to have more colorful, creative and interactive hallways in our building. As you may already know, Halloween is on the way and this year we’re organizing a “Halloween Door  Decoration Competition” again in ScOLa.

In order to join this competition, please decorate your classroom door (facing the corridor) in the scariest and the most creative way you can. You will have two weeks to plan, organize and decorate your doors until 28 October, and a committee will choose the scariest door on the 28th October. Remember, there will be a prize for the winner(s) 🙂

Here are some samples from the previous competition.







This is not compulsory for all the classes and for all the students, if you’d like to have fun with your students and enjoy the Halloween spirit, please join us!



3. EAQUALS Online 2022

The EAQUALS online conference will take place on October 21 and 22 with plenaries, presentations, and panel discussions on EDI in language education, workplace wellbeing, and the future of online learning.

Among the ScOLa members attending the conference this year are six presenters and ten attendees. In the following table, you can find detailed information about presenters and sessions. 

Presenter Session 
Serkan Aras Gender and the Curriculum
Wioleta Anna Wenclawek Öztem Professional development activities and tools for teacher wellbeing
Mohammad Khari Validating Emotions: Towards Fostering Teachers’ Affective Autonomy and Well-being
Deniz Kılavuz

Selma Tamdoğan Çalışkan

A motivated teacher, a motivated class.
Engin Onuk

(Panel Participant) 

Panel: Voices & Insights (Teachers) – Issues from the face-to-face and online classroom: Wellbeing, EDI & future of online learning.

Attendees from our school are listed below:

  1. Dilan Atila
  2. Shiva Khoei Oskouei
  3. Gayane Pozharina
  4. Emrullah Levent Çoban
  5. Nergis Enmutlu
  6. Esra Çelik Soydan
  7. Selen Şirin Dülger
  8. Sultan Zeydan
  9. Özlem Baykan
  10. Ayşegül Karaman