Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Session

Last week, ScOLa Reading Club had its sixth meeting with the participation of 4 members. The group had read and discussed about human aggression. The discussion focused on the potential biological, neurological, and social roots of anger. The group discussed the value of catharsis and merits and throwbacks of common prevention methods.

b. This Week’s Session

This week, Can Danışmant will run his session on flipped learning. Interested instructors had received the pre-task last week and will share their work with Can today.

c. Next Week’s Session (pre-task required)

Next week, our colleague, Sedef Güzelyurt, will give a session on using literature in EFL classes in light of critical pedagogy which was pioneered by Paulo Freire. This session entails a sample lesson in which the students discuss all the above-mentioned issues via a literary text, which requires a pre-task.

2. Student Development Sessions

Last week, Wioleta Wenclawek gave her session on “Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Fluency in Speaking” on Wednesday and 73 students attended the session. The session recording has been shared on ScOLa-Extra Curricular Activities LMS page for all prep students’ reference.

This was our last student development session of this semester; however, students still have the opportunity to watch the recordings of the sessions that they have missed. Depending on their need, you can guide your students to the relevant session recording(s). To have a look at the session contents again, you can refer to the TLDU file on Z Drive: LS Read Only Folders –> TLDU –> Extra-curricular Activities for Sts –> 2021-22 Academic Year –> Spring Semester –> Student Development Sessions (or 2021-22 Academic Year –> Fall Semester –> Student Development Sessions).

Have a great week!