Foreign Language Assessment training has been designed for ScOLa Modern Languages Programme instructors who are responsible for the design, delivery and assessment of the foreign language they offer in ScOLa.

The training aims to focus on a wide range of key areas in foreign language assessment. The topics have been divided into 4 modules, each module consisting of 2 sessions.

By exploring these wide range of areas, the training aims to help the participants gain a deeper understanding of the necessary principles, procedures, and good practices of foreign language assessment; reflect on their assessment practices and evaluate their effectiveness, and have a toolkit of sound techniques they can use when developing their own assessments in the future.

During this training, the instructors will participate in interactive input sessions, complete some tasks after the sessions, and reflect on the topic and the tasks in a follow-up reflection session.

Meeting links for the sessions will be shared with the instructors one day before the sessions.

For any questions or comments, please contact Canan Şaban (

The details of the training are presented in the table below.