Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Sessions

I. Artistic Ways of Learning Vocabulary 

Our colleague, Nurgül Keskin, gave her first session on “Artistic Ways of Learning Vocabulary”. She presented her experience in integrating arts into her vocabulary lessons. She shared a list of art activities that can be employed both in online and face-to-face classess.  The reocording of the session together with the ppt slides and relevant documents can be found in Z-drive – TLDU folder.

II. Lesson Planning Session for ML Instructors 

TLDU member, Özlem Kaplan, gave a session on the key aspects of lesson planning for the ML instructors during their common time.

The recording of the session can be found here, which can also be found in Z-Drive – TLDU folder.

b. This Week’s Session

This week, ScOLa Faculty Reading Club will continue reading and discussing about “Mass Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion” and relevant implications on learning.

2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Student Development Session

Last Wednesday Esra Çelik Soydan gave a session on “How to Study Writing” both in Turkish and in English consecutively.  More than 200 students attended the session in total. The session offered some practical tips on how students can expand and organise their ideas during the pre-writing stage, how to incorporate them into their writing effectively, and the benefits of focused review during the post-stage of academic writing.

b. This Week’s Student Development Session

This Wednesday, Sultan Zeydan is going to give a session on “Effective Problem Solving Skills”. The session will be given only in English at 14:45.  Students can find the relevant information on their “ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities” page on LMS.

3. December Birthdays