Dear All,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Professional Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Session

Our colleague, Wioleta Wenclawek, presented her experience in improving student collaboration in distance learning environement in her classes. Starting with the definition of collaborative learning and the difference between collaboration and cooperation, she shared collaborative strategies and online platforms together with some practical tips for classroom use and some possible obstacles.

All the relevant materials of this session could be accessed through TLDU file in Z-drive.

b. This Week’s Session:

This week, ScOLa Faculty Reading Club will continue reading and discussing about values and learning approaches of university students within the frame of the phenomenon of conformity.


2. Common Time Student Development Sessions

a. Last Week’s Student Development Session

Last Wednesday Özlem Kaplan gave a session on “How to Study Receptive Skills (Reading & Listening)”. 14 students attended the session. Özlem Kaplan gave some useful information on the challenges experienced while practicing these skills and recommended some ways to deal with them and improve the receptive skills.

b. This Week’s Student Development Session

Unlike our other student development sessions, this week’s session will be held on Tuesday, not Wednesday. Our students were informed about this last week via an announcement on our LMS page.

This Tuesday (November 9), Burak Asker, one of our former students, is going to join us for our Guest Student Session. He will share his experiences as a prep student and talk about how he studied to improve his language skills. The session will be given in Turkish at 14:45 and in English at 15:45. Students can find the relevant information on their “ScOLa Extra-curricular Activities” page on LMS.