You can find the details of the masterclass that Altissia is offering for free below:

Presenter(s): Veronique Scheirs & Arnaud Van Laere

At Altissia, we launched our Blended Learning Masterclass to help foreign language instructors all over the world familiarise themselves with the concepts of distance and blended learning.
In this webinar, we will look at different language skills and how they can best be worked on in a blended learning lesson. We will present different examples and inspiration for varying face-to-face and distance learning activities. Our main focus will lie on the following skills:
– grammar
– vocabulary
– listening comprehension
– oral production & interaction
– reading comprehension
– written production & interaction

Target audience: This webinar is open to everyone but is specifically addressed to trainers and programme coordinators interested in establishing a blending learning teaching system.

Time: Jun 23, 2021 17:00 (Turkey Time)

For further details and registration, you can click here.