Improve your knowledge of and skills in language assessment

In the last 15 years, assessment has had an increasingly significant impact on education policy globally. Consequently, there is a growing need among teachers to understand how assessment works.

In this course, you will learn about the principles of sound language assessment. You will develop an understanding of the ideas in developing different types of test and how they can be applied. With guidance from experienced test developers and international assessment experts, you will explore practical ways of assessing language and skills which you can use in your classroom.

What topics will you cover?

  • Principles of language assessment
    Formative and summative assessment
    Positive washback
    Assessment and testing
  • Assessing speaking
    Formats, tasks and settings
    Rating scales
  • Assessing writing
    Assessment tasks
    Marking criteria
  • Assessing reading
    Meaningfulness and authenticity
    Developing reading tests
    Scoring reading tests
  • Assessing listening
    Task types for listening assessment
    Scoring listening tests
  • Assessing grammar and vocabulary
    Principles of testing grammar and vocabulary
  • Test development
    Assessment and course planning
    Approaches to testing
    The test development cycle
    Evaluating the effectiveness of a test

    Who is the course for?

    This course is aimed at language teachers in secondary or high schools around the world, and anyone interested in understanding how language assessment works.

    You will need to have English language proficiency at a minimum CEFR B1 level to get most benefit from the course.

    The course does not presume or require any previous knowledge of assessment issues.

    Who will you learn with?

    Richard Spiby

    Richard Spiby

    I work with the Assessment Research Group at the British Council in London. I work on a variety of test development and research projects, including the Aptis test.

    Carolyn Westbrook

    Carolyn Westbrook

    Now a member of the Assessment Research Group at the British Council, I was previously an Associate Professor in EFL, focusing on teaching & testing Business English, EAP & ESP, and a teacher trainer.


The start date: 27 April 2020

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