During the rapidly evolving situation around the novel coronavirus, we, as teachers, found ourselves in uncharted territories.  We started managing virtual classrooms and turning teaching materials into digital format at short notice, and many of us learn this by doing.  Hence, it is normal for us to experience higher levels of stress and anxiety considering the extra stress we feel due to the change in our daily routine.  But we should be aware that everyone else is also experiencing the same challenges (according to UNESCO; around 1.5 billion students, 63 million teachers in 165 countries, along with education personnel are affected by school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic).  In such unprecedented and uncertain times, we all strive to maintain our well being by trying out different ways.

So, this week we thought that we could share these challenges, difficulties and solutions with each other because we need to support each other more than ever to get rid of the extra pressure being put on us to deliver learning in a time of crisis as well as support our emotional needs.

To start with, below you can find some helpful websites to refer to and some personal anecdotes of instructors from other universities who have been experiencing similar challenges and their suggestions.

What about your challenges?

What kind of problems have you experienced so far?

Could you solve them? If yes, how?

Not yet? It’s OK because hopefully we will be of help to each other with our suggestions 🙂

Let’s share by replying to this post and help each other!