1.  Common Time Professional Development Sessions

As you know, we will continue the artful teaching series by conducting virtual meetings through Microsoft teams. You can find the details of this week’s sessions below:



Tugba Yıldırım & Meltem Yılmaz Artful Teaching Series Focus: Drama activities through visual aids to stimulate language learning

Please send an e-mail to presenters by Wednesday if you would like to attend these sessions so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

2. Edmodo Webinars

Edmodo set up a webpage with distance learning resources for everyone affected by school closures. They continually update this Distance Learning Toolkit.

You can reach the webinars by using the link. 

3. Let’s share!

Since we are aware that now-more than ever- we need motivation and engagement both for ourselves and our learners, as TLDU, we brainstormed ways of supporting all of us more during these tough days.

We thought we can use the blog in a more interactive way in addition to the news and updates about the webinars and trainings.

With this in mind, each week we will be posting different apps or websites with a specific focus aiming at contributing to our repertoire of online resources and invite all of you to share your ideas. We will post these entries every Friday and you will have a week to share your ideas.

Let’s share our experiences and expertise with each other by replying to our first post on the blog entitled “Let’s Share! – Post 1”

Thanks to our colleagues who already shared their ideas and we hope to learn from others 🙂

4. April birthdays