As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, many schools have started considering distance learning as a solution to support continued education. That’s why we thought that we might share some ideas on our blog on how to benefit from online tools.

This week we would like to share the following links with you on how to use Zoom, which is a tool for virtual education:

Ideas for adapting group lessons to working on Zoom

If you would like to learn more about this tool, there are two webinars that will be conducted this week:

The first webinar entitled “Teaching live online using Zoom” is provided by Eaquals . It will be on Friday 20th March, 10.00am (GMT). The registration link will be available soon here.

The second webinar entitled “Introduction to Live Online Teaching” provides free training to teachers on how to teach online – that way in the event of a closure they can already be set up to run video-based classes online over Zoom. In this live webinar, you’ll hear from experienced teachers who have transitioned from in-person to online teaching. You’ll go over tips about managing your online classroom, using tools such as a virtual whiteboard, and more.

The webinar will be repeated at different times between 16-21 March. In order to register, please follow the link below: