The European Day of Languages was celebrated across the languages taught in MLP through various activities. These activities were not only conducted on 26th September, the celebrations were extended to a week. Below, you can find those activities and photos.

1. Jose Cruz created a Kahoot Quiz and this quiz was used in 23 classes (in 3 different languages: German, Spanish, English) and reached 167 students.












Below are the photos from Kahoot activity in classes:





































2. Salma Alamassi created an Instagram Quiz and it was announced through Social Media Channels.

Prizes were given to the winners of the Quiz













3. Posters were prepared, printed and posted on the bulletin boards.
























4. International dishes served at Akkol were named in the original language with the European Day of Languages Logo and the flag of the country.













5. Student messages on celebrating the European Languages Day were recorded and uploaded on MLP Instagram and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #eaqualsEDL19 #ozyeginuniversity #ozuscola #scolamodernlanguages #scolamoderndiller
6. MLP Instructors were also active on MLP Twitter making sure to use the hashtag #eaqualsEDL19 and tag @Eaquals.
7. MLP Instructors brought the European Day of Languages into their classroom through the ready-to-use materials that have been prepared and shared by other teachers on the link provided by EDL website.